Favorites October 2nd 2021

It would be cool if this was somehow a way for California to do agriculture, but I'm not sure if lower water use alone will make this useful to us. We'd need a *lot* more solar

‘in normal times’ because the cost of coal and natural gas have shot up in the last few months.

He suggests that this could put solar/wind + battery at a price lower than the cost of the *fuel* for a coal/natural gas power plant.

That is *not* what I expected. I hope I count as high skilled...

Lower overcrowding predicts lower rates of cost burden from rent. I'm not sure you can get a clearer sign that buliding more homes is the answer.

As noted by many commenters, the trillion dollar coin is no stupider than the Debt ceiling itself.

I really like this photo, every once in a while I try to remove the reflections. But the more you look, the more you find, until you realize you can even see me taking the photo. In that moment I usually give up on removing the reflections.