Favorites October 1st 2021

Towers in the park' is a name for the 'dense sprawl' exemplified in the post I linked a few days ago regarding China. As always, Alfred Twu's drawings are excellent, and I like the planning principle he's suggesting.

I don't have much to add except that the drug is apparently named after Mjölnir, Thor's hammer.

A rule of thumb offered by mcmillen: "A billion dollars is a coffee per person in the US."

Ok, the public works department calls it a 'fire boat station' in some documents. I think the actual trucks still park at the facility on land, but apparently an ambulance can actually drive onto the raft, so I think that qualifies as a ‘fire station’ without the ‘boat’ qualifier.

If it's just a scheduling choice to put kids so late on this list, then it definitely seems like a mistake.

This ~2 second joke from The Simpsons has been coming up a lot these last few weeks. As you can probably guess, I believe the problem is the Filibuster.