Favorites May 15 2021

It's really looking like this year’s drought is going to be very bad.

He further speculates that this is specifically punishing AP for their reporting, although the explanation that they're trying to limit media coverage of Gaza is plenty bad.

Here's the post in question. This is in response to the ongoing drama regarding Apple’s firing of Antonio Martínez when they realized his book was super misogynistic. Publicly announcing you believe classes of people are inferior isn’t just repulsive, it’s also tactically stupid, because now no one will want to work with you.

On an even simpler note: don’t write a book where you burn your bridges with an industry you still want to work in.

I have so many questions: are they depending on the train’s horn, or like, they’ve memorized the schedule? Can they just see the train coming because it’s going relatively slowly?

I got nervous stopping while crossing the for 30 seconds to take this photo today, and there wasn’t a train in sight.