Favorites June 4 2021

Almost like the Republicans were the ones who selected the two items they care about as the ones that are exceptions to the filibuster...

We need to offer the opportunity to move to the US to Hong Kong residents. Microsoft decided to get in on it too.

This movie was ridiculous and I really liked the way they handled accents. Honestly though, if you’ve seen the trailer, you hardly need to see the movie.

If you’re looking for comedy about very serious events, Jojo Rabbit is probably better.

This seems a bit overboard.

Presumably he'll get himself banned again as soon as they let him back on? Further analysis.

I'm sorry to report that Malcolm Gladwell is a great writer, but bad journalist. There was a (fun?) thread two weeks ago with point by point factual refutations if that's something you're into.

Happy Pride! The snake is pretty cute though, right?

I just think patio heaters look cool, ok? I admit that the background on this one is not nearly as picturesque as the last one.